BPTC Harness Racing Competitions

Each grass-track harness racing season we recognise success on the track with our race result competitions, conducted with the support of a generous group of sponsors. 

Banks Peninsula TC Competition Results 2023/24

Competition Results


The Winning Filly/Mare will be the holder of the Trophy donated by the late Colleen Breen for one year. The winner’s owners will also receive a service to one of Phoebe Standardbred’s stallions standing at stud. Phoebe is currently standing Imperial Count, Royal Aspirations and Locharburn,

Recent Winners

2023/24: Flyaway
2022/23: Tiger Taylor
2021/22: Maren Franco
2020/21: Jenabella
2019/20: Gotta Party Doll
2018/19: Sounds Lika Gem

Craythorne's Hotel HalswellThe winning trainer will receive a $250 voucher from Craythorne’s Hotel or one of the Oxford Groups’ restaurants – Fat Eddies, Original Sin, Kong or The Bog – and will be the holder of the Trainers Trophy for one year.

Recent Winners

2023/24: Robert Dunn & Jenna Dunn
2022/23: Mark Jones
2021/22: Robert Dunn & Jenna Dunn
2020/21 Winner: Robert Dunn
2019/20 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope
2018/19 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope


This award is based on the UDR scoring system. seahorse-supplementsTrainers will need a minimum of four starters in the season to qualify. Seahorse Supplements will provide a 12kg pack of their Maxia Digest product with a retail value of $599 plus a dress rug to the winner.

Recent Winners

2023/24: Kevin Townley
2022/23: Mark & Nathan Purdon
2021/22: Jim Curtin

DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by The Famous Grouse Hotel, Lincoln
The winner will receive the Driver’s Trophy and a $250 food & beverage voucher from The Famous Grouse Hotel, Lincoln

Recent Winners

2023/24: John Dunn
2022/23: Blair Orange
2021/22: John Dunn
2020/21: John Dunn
2019/20: Blair Orange
2018/19: Blair Orange

JUNIOR DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Lindsay & Judith Blackmore and Fay & Fred Fletcher
The winning Junior Driver will be the holder for one year of the Royce Court Memorial Trophy donated by Mrs Joan Court, with cash prizes for:
First – $500
Second – $300
Third – $200

Recent Winners

2023/24: Sarah O’Reilly
2022/23: Sarah O’Reilly
2021/22: Sam Thornley
2020/21: Ben Hope
2019/20: Ben Hope
2018/19: Ben Hope/Sarah O’Reilly

Competition Rules

Points are awarded as follows:  1st – 5 points; 2nd – 3 points; 3rd – 2 points; 4th – 1 point. In the event of a tie in any of the competitions, the winner will be decided firstly on the most 1st place points. If still a tie, then the most 2nd place points. If still a tie, then the most 3rd place points.

In the event of a tie for a prize-winning position, the Club’s Tie-Breaker Rules will apply. 

Note: our competitions continue to run over the club’s normal spring/summer/autumn meeting timeframe – the grass-track harness racing season.

Visit the Competition Archive page for historical results