BPTC Harness Racing Competitions

Each season we recognise success on the track with our race result competitions.

A NEW competition in the 2021/22 season

seahorse-supplementsWe’re pleased to announce a new, additional on-track competition for 2021-22. With the support of Seahorse Supplements, we’ll be running a Trainer’s  competition scored on the UDR system. Trainers will need a minimum of four starters in the season to qualify.

Seahorse Supplements will provide a 12kg pack of their Maxia Digest product with a retail value of $599 plus a dress rug to the winner.

Our existing competitions and their rules remain unchanged. 

Competition points will be awarded as follows:  1st – 5 points; 2nd – 3 points; 3rd – 2 points; 4th – 1 point

In the event of a tie in any of the competitions, the winner will be decided firstly on the most 1st place points. If still a tie, then the most 2nd place points. If still a tie, then the most 3rd place points


The Winning Filly/Mare will be the holder of the Trophy donated by the late Colleen Breen for one year.

2020/21 Winner: Jenabella
2019/20 Winner: Gotta Party Doll
2018/19 Winner: Sounds Lika Gem

McMillanThe winning trainer will receive $500 of stock food and will be the holder of the Motukarara Trainers Trophy for one year.

2020/21 Winner: Robert Dunn
2019/20 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope
2018/19 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope

DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by The Famous Grouse Hotel, Lincoln
Famous-grouseThe winner will receive a $250 Food & Beverage Voucher for The Famous Grouse Hotel in Lincoln

2020/21 Winner: John Dunn
2019/20 Winner: Blair Orange
2018/19 Winner: Blair Orange

JUNIOR DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Lindsay & Judith Blackmore and Fay & Fred Fletcher
The winning Junior Driver will be the holder for one year of the Royce Court Memorial Trophy donated by Mrs Joan Court, with cash prizes for:
First – $500
Second – $300
Third – $200

2020/21 Winner: Ben Hope
2019/20 Winner: Ben Hope
2018/19 Winner: Ben Hope/Sarah O’Reilly

The Leaderboards: Season 2021/22

After Racing September 2021

Seahorse Supplements Trainers UDR to come

Filly/Mare of the Year Points
Expressive Love 5
Superfast Whizz 3
Little Gee 3
Arden’s Sweetheart 3
Precious Sara 3
Galleons Ambassador 2
Phone Tap 2
Tiger Lou 2
Tyene 2
Refine 2
Kahress 2
Conquor Me 2
Takemybreathaway 2
Kowhai Shadow 2
Trainer of the Year Points
Robert & Jenna Dunn 18
Bob Butt 10
Graham Court 10
Gavin Smith 8
Robbie Holmes 6
Jim Curtin 5
Matt Purvis 5
Brent Borcoskie 5
 Driver of the Year Points
JR Dunn 21
BN Orange 12
KT Newman (j) 9
GD Smith 9
TM Williams 6
M Hurrell (j) 5
RJ Butt 5
JE Curtin 5
BJ Borcoskie 5
Junior Driver of Year Points
KT Newman  9
M Hurrell  5
TJ Bamford  3
BT Hope  3
AJ Cameron 2
SE O’Reilly 1