Motukarara Harness Racing Competitions

Each season we recognise success on the track with our race result competitions.

Competition Rules

Competition points will be awarded as follows:  1st – 5 points; 2nd – 3 points; 3rd – 2 points; 4th – 1 point

In the event of a tie in any of the competitions, the winner will be decided firstly on the most 1st place points. If still a tie, then the most 2nd place points. If still a tie, then the most 3rd place points


The Winning Filly/Mare will be the holder of the Trophy donated by the late Colleen Breen for one year.

2019/20 Winner: Gotta Party Doll
2018/19 Winner: Sounds Lika Gem

The winning trainer will receive $500 of stock food and will be the holder of the Motukarara Trainers Trophy for one year.

2019/20 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope
2018/19 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope

DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by The Famous Grouse Hotel, Lincoln
The winner will receive a $250 Food & Beverage Voucher for The Famous Grouse Hotel in Lincoln

2019/20 Winner: Blair Orange
2018/19 Winner: Blair Orange

JUNIOR DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Lindsay & Judith Blackmore and Fay & Fred Fletcher
The winning Junior Driver will be the holder for one year of the Royce Court Memorial Trophy donated by Mrs Joan Court, with cash prizes for:
First – $500
Second – $300
Third – $200

2019/20 Winner: Ben Hope
2018/19 Winner: Ben Hope/Sarah O’Reilly

2020/21 Season

Leaderboard after Racing Tues. 29 December 2020: Round 3 of 6

Filly/Mare Award

Filly/Mare of the Year Points
Sungait’s Legacy 5
For Today 5
Missy Moo 5
Jenabella 5
Tiger Lou 5
Mad Lu Li 5
Escargo 5
Star Reactor 5
Shady Ruler 5
Majestic Action 5
Jonique 5
Annie Richter 4
Kusanova 3
Random Jude 3
Playa Vista 3
Aldebaran Floss 3
Deja Blue 3
Silverlinings 3
BK Dawn 3
Idealindreams 3
Cheezel 3
Shes Tough 3
Call This Fun 2
Refine 2
Duastar 2
Bella Button 2
Dixie Flyer 2
Conquer Me 2
Alvira Hest 2
Seapris 2
Immer Besser 2
Dashtothebeach 2

Trainer Award

Trainer of the Year Points
Robert Dunn 28
Ken Barron 21
Trent Yesberg 20
Graham Court 17
Bruce Negus 13
Colin & Julie De Fillipi 12
Geoff & James Dunn 12
Greg & Nina Hope 11
Joseph Gray 8
Jason & Ian Thomas 7
Kevin Townley 7
Fred Fletcher 6
David McCormick 5
Sam Smolenski 5
Stephen McRae 5
Matt Purvis 5
Dean Taylor 5
Brent White 5
Jack Harrington 5
Chris McDowell 5
Gerard McCrea 5
Andrew Stuart 5
Roger Austin 5
Katie Cox 5
Greg Manson 5
Chris Thornley 5
Jason & Amber Lethaby 5
Regan Todd 5
Murray Edmonds 5
Wendy Stevenson 5
Amber Hoffman 5

Driver Award

 Driver of the Year Points
John R Dunn 40
BN Orange 39
MJ Williamson 20
GD Smith 16
GD O’Reilly 16
RT May 15
JC Morrison (j) 14
BT Hope (J) 14
JJA Young-Grant 12
SJ Tomlinson (j) 11
SE O’Reilly (j) 10
Craig D Thornley 10
J W Cox 9
LF O’Reilly 8
CJ De Filippi 8
KG Cameron 8
SJ Thornley (J) 8
RD Close 8
RJ Butt 7
MD Hurrell (j) 7
JCE Thomas 6
KA Butt 6
GN Thornley (j) 6
LD McCormick 5
J Herbert 5
MP Edmonds 5

Junior Driver Award

Junior Driver of Year Points
JC Morrison (j) 14
BT Hope (J) 14
SJ Tomlinson (j) 11
SE O’Reilly (j) 10
SJ Thornley (J) 8
MD Hurrell (j) 7
GN Thornley (j) 6
BA Laughton (j) 3
CT Jones (j) 3
DL van Til 3
KK Tomlinson (j) 2
SD Iremonger (j) 2
LM McKay 2
JW Best (J) 1

Presentations 2019/20 Season

Delayed due to Covid restrictions, the presentations to our 2019/20 club competitions were made during our September 2020 race meeting.

Club Patron Lindsay Blackmore presented Ben Hope with the trophy for leading Junior Driver last year.


Greg and Nina Hope took out the Leading Trainer prize. Here Nina engages with Junior Vice-President Bonnie Williams and committee member Maurice McDermott.


Last season’s Top Filly or Mare at Motukarara was Gotta Party Doll, Alan Marshall accepting her award on behalf of the owners.


Blair Orange was last season’s leading driver. Blair attended the meeting but was unable to join the presentation.

Blair Orange

Also recognised were our big race winners: Habibi Inta in the 2019 DG Jones Memorial Trotting Cup, Homebush Lad in the Motukarara Xmas Cup and Baltimore Jack for victory in the Banks Peninsula Cup.