BPTC Harness Racing Competitions

Each grass-track harness racing season we recognise success on the track with our race result competitions.

A NEW competition in the 2021/22 season

seahorse-supplementsWe’re pleased to announce a new, additional on-track competition for 2021-22. With the support of Seahorse Supplements, we’ll be running a Trainer’s  competition scored on the UDR system. Trainers will need a minimum of four starters in the season to qualify.

Seahorse Supplements will provide a 12kg pack of their Maxia Digest product with a retail value of $599 plus a dress rug to the winner.

Phoebe Standardbreds support the Best Filly or Mare Competition

The Colleen Breen Memorial Best Filly or Mare of the Season has been significantly enhanced with the addition in 2021/22 of a generous prize from Phoebe Standardbreds.  This season the winning owners will have available a choice of service from one of Phoebe’s resident stallions. The stud, located at Larcombs Road, Broadfield, currently stands the trotting stallions Imperial Count and Royal Aspirations, and the former star 3yo pacer Locharburn. All three sires are showing considerable promise, with the trotters both siring a number of early winners. Locharburn’s oldest progeny are weanlings in 2021.

Contact Phoebe’s studmaster Grant Beckett on 021 160 1080 or email grantanddi@amuri.net to learn more about their stallion offerings.

Our existing competitions and their rules remain unchanged. 

Competition points will be awarded as follows:  1st – 5 points; 2nd – 3 points; 3rd – 2 points; 4th – 1 point

In the event of a tie in any of the competitions, the winner will be decided firstly on the most 1st place points. If still a tie, then the most 2nd place points. If still a tie, then the most 3rd place points


Phoebe Stud

The Winning Filly/Mare will be the holder of the Trophy donated by the late Colleen Breen for one year. The winner’s owners will also receive a service to one of Phoebe Standardbred’s stallions standing at stud. Phoebe is currently standing Imperial Count, Royal Aspirations and Locharburn,

2020/21 Winner: Jenabella
2019/20 Winner: Gotta Party Doll
2018/19 Winner: Sounds Lika Gem

McMillanThe winning trainer will receive $500 of stock food and will be the holder of the Trainers Trophy for one year.

2020/21 Winner: Robert Dunn
2019/20 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope
2018/19 Winner: Greg & Nina Hope

DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by The Famous Grouse Hotel, Lincoln
Famous-grouseThe winner will receive the Driver’s Trophy and $250 Food & Beverage Voucher from The Famous Grouse Hotel in Lincoln

2020/21 Winner: John Dunn
2019/20 Winner: Blair Orange
2018/19 Winner: Blair Orange

JUNIOR DRIVER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Lindsay & Judith Blackmore and Fay & Fred Fletcher
The winning Junior Driver will be the holder for one year of the Royce Court Memorial Trophy donated by Mrs Joan Court, with cash prizes for:
First – $500
Second – $300
Third – $200

2020/21 Winner: Ben Hope
2019/20 Winner: Ben Hope
2018/19 Winner: Ben Hope/Sarah O’Reilly

The Final Results: Season 2021/22

After Racing April 2022

Note: our competitions continue to run over the club’s normal spring/summer/autumn meeting timeframe – the grass-track harness racing season. 

Filly/Mare of the Year Points
Maren Franco
Sophia Bromac
Awesome Impee 9
Aldebaran Heather 8
Musclynn 7
The Peacemaker
Heavenly Strings 6
Royal Deidre 6
Times Are A Changin
Trainer of the Year Points
Robert & Jenna Dunn 33
Fred Fletcher 20
Mark Jones 19
Bruce Negus
Leo O’Reilly 18
Graham Court 17
Greg & Nina Hope 17
Gavin Smith 17
P Wakelin & S Noble 16
Trainer UDR  UDR
JF Curtin .7500
LF O’Reilly
GD Smith .4444
R & J Dunn
TJ Grant .3889
GC Telfer .3472
MJ Smolenski .3175
AD Stuart .3111
WF Fletcher
DA Taylor .3016

UDR requires a minimum of 4 starters

 Driver of the Year Points
JR Dunn 75
BN Orange 50
MJ Williamson
RD Close 34
TM Williams 33
LF O’Reilly 30
JC Morrison 23
SJ Thornley (j) 22
GD Smith 21
SE O’Reilly (j) 20
Junior Driver of Year Points
SJ Thornley 22
SE O’Reilly
KT Newman  14
MD Hurrell 13
GN Thornley 13
BT Hope 10
OG Thornley 6
KK Tomlinson 6
DL van Til 6
S Diamant 5
AJ Cameron 4
SD Iremonger 4
DG Anderson 3
TJ Bamford 3
Cj Dalgety 2
EE Barron 1

In the event of a tie for a prize-winning position, the Club’s Tie-Breaker Rules will apply.