1971: Going


1971 Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup: Going In 1971 the Club fully embraced commercial sponsorship. In return for gifting a stallion service, participating Stud Farms were allocated naming rights for each event on the card. [...]

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1968: Johnny Gee


1968 Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup: Johnny Gee The Stake in 1968 remained at $2,000.00, following last year’s conversion to decimal currency. W.R. (Wes) Butt eyed the prize with his two aged stallions Johnny Gee [...]

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1967: Stylish Major


1967 Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup: Stylish Major 1967 provided another strong, near capacity field to face starter, Mr R.F. (Ron) Carter at the mile and a half dispatch point. Stylish Major has half [...]

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